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Reply Jeannette
11:01 AM on March 28, 2012 
HI Monique, Thanks for getting back with me. I am in the process of deciding what would be the best coop that would work for us. I had a coop along time ago and had a big problem with predators.It was an old coop and since then we knocked it down. I need a secure place for the chickens at night and a run for the day time . I fell in love with the shape of your main coop . When I had chickens I had Rhode Island Reds. I am looking into maybe trying Cochins and Silkies . Can I house Silkies and Cochins together or they have to be seperated ? Thanks .
Reply Ashley Brennan
9:05 PM on September 24, 2011 
I am def officially addicted. lol... I have my 5 year old addicted too & he is sitting here next to me right now wanting to pick out a few more. hahaha....

Sorry about the coop, we start our renovation on our 15x15 run tomorrow! I also cut 10" name plates boards out of a 2x4 that I have painted white & I am hand painting the chicken's names w/ little symbols next to their names on them. My son & I are also going to paint our coop a light grey color w/ black trim & I am painting their names in black on the bright white boards! SO EXCITED!! lol...

Oh & here's the link for the pic of our Japanese bantam cross... My post is the one all the way on the bottom...

We will be getting another one for her to have a companion next week. (That pullet plus the cockeral that my mom bought us will make 16!!)
Reply Ashley Brennan
8:18 PM on September 24, 2011 
OMGosh I just got a blue silkie, Japanese bantam cross, 2 full EE's, & 3 black austrolorp's all w/in the last 3 days! I am up to 14 lil chickens now! It looks like I will be bringing at least 3-5 mixes w/ me to the swap & maybe even a SQ silkie roo. (IDK if I am gonna keep my white baby or the blue guy my mom just bought for us... )
Reply Ashley Brennan
7:57 PM on September 11, 2011 
Haha, yes I do!
Reply Monique Sabo
7:23 PM on September 11, 2011 
Yes, it sounds ljike you already have the silkie bug!
Reply Ashley Brennan
7:18 PM on September 11, 2011 
lol Pandora's Box for what? My new silkie obsession, that I have now passed to my boys... hehehehe...
Reply Ashley Brennan
1:07 AM on September 10, 2011 
I am getting anxious about he swap! I just talked to my friend & her mom will be getting back home on Monday & I will be going over there this week to pick up her chickens (she can't physically take care of any of them anymore) &while I am there I am going to try & do some investigating for you on her silkie roo!! Plus I will have quite a few of her hens to bring to the swap as well I think!
Reply Monique Sabo
10:12 PM on September 9, 2011 
Silkies are so neat and cuddly. When other breeds are staring you in the face, it's hard not to fall in love by their beauty. There are a number of other breeds I would like to own, but I try to keep room for my expanding cochin program too! But, I just recently bought 2 olive eggers. I love different colored eggs. Although we hardly eat them, it's just so exciting to walk into the coop to see what color and size eggs I have for the day, lol!!
Reply Ashley Brennan
9:06 PM on September 9, 2011 
Sounds good! I would love to bring them & even if they aren't cockerals maybe still trade them for another breed or so. I love them but we are fastly becoming a little "addicted" to silkies the more we research them. hehehe....
Reply Ashley Brennan
11:06 PM on September 8, 2011 
No prob!!

OH & I commented on your post on BYC, but I think I may have convinced my hubby to take a trip up there for the swap!! :-)
Reply Ashley Brennan
10:20 PM on September 8, 2011 
Aww! I love it when my kiddos are asleep, the baby is still in our room & I love waking up around 7 to get our oldest ready for pre-k and looking at the baby resting so peacefully.

My friend is supposed to call me tomorrow around lunch time & I will email you with what she tells me. I think she had said that her mom's friend had given him to her as a gift. So I may have to do a little digging for ya!
Reply Ashley Brennan
9:19 PM on September 8, 2011 
Haha, ya the real fun thing is that my boys are all REALLY close in age... My oldest will be 5 in only four weeks, our middle son just turned 2 on 8/27, & the baby is 7 months! Not quite 3 years between our oldest & middle; & only 17 months between our middle son & our miracle baby boy. I wanna pull my hair out most days but they always leave me w/ a smile come bed time. lol...
Reply Ashley Brennan
9:13 PM on September 8, 2011 
Hehe, I sure am the chicken thief! I am so excited! But I do think that a friend of mine's mom has a silkie roo that she is trying to give away... I can find out for you! (& maybe get you a pic too if she has one!) My dad & mother-in-law both live over in the fort myers area so me & the fam are taking a trip over there for my b-day weekend & picking "Lacey, Velvet, & Sparkle" up on our ride home on Sunday, I couldn't be more stoked!
Reply Ashley Brennan
8:08 PM on September 8, 2011 
Thank you! & Yes I am getting them from ChooksinChoppers this weekend & I can't wait! I talked to my husband today about the swap & he said depending on if he gets this new job we may be coming up there to it!!
10:06 PM on July 20, 2011 
what color silkies and cochins do you have? and if so how much for a silkie or cochins? thank you
Reply shawna
12:33 PM on June 11, 2011 
please accept my invitation to be a follower/sponsor
i am thirteen yrs old and i raise cochins
i do 4-h and show my birds at poultry shows
thank you for your time
shawna edwards
Reply shawna
9:54 AM on June 3, 2011 
do you know any one how sale buff large fowl cochins
Reply shawna
9:50 AM on June 3, 2011 
i got 2 rabbits from the sunshinesilkies
they came up from fl to ga for a show
12:08 AM on June 2, 2011 
will right now i dont have any money so i will wait intil my girls are ready and i have some cash,But Thank you.
11:54 PM on June 1, 2011 
How Much? Will right now im try to see who is a hen and who is a cock? so i can make groups for breeding. when i get my girls ready to sit maybe i will get with you and get some egg to put under then so i can get some color.

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